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Stone Plastic Imitated-marble Board Production Line

Brief instruction:

Stone plastic imitated-marble board another call is PVC floor, this is a new high quality and technology flooring material. Adopts the purified marble powder as the main material, make the final PVC resin with high density, high fiber mesh stricture of solid base and the surface coated with polymer. The product has the vivid texture, the surface wear-resisting, lightness but not so smooth. Those plastic products have the features of environmentally, non-toxic, wear-resisting, waterproof and fireproofing. The PVC floor has two structures, one is homogeneous through the heart, one is compound one. Homogeneous through the heart type stone plastic floor is made of PVC and marble powder. This kind of floor fouling resistance and abrasion resistance is poor, has the color single and poor size stability, but price is lower. The compound stone plastic floor has multilayer structure, the surface adopt the UV treatment, contains surface layer, color layer, stone plastic layer and the basic layer. This kind of floor is colorful, and has the stability size, now is wide used on the market.

The product usage:

This kind of stone plastic floor is mainly used as the light partition wall and high quality fire-proof material on the buildings, also can used as the different types of the decorate boards.

The main configuration of the line:

1.   The conical two screw extruder machine

2.   The extrusion mold

3.   The three roller calendar

4.   The cooling bracket with the waste edge cutting unit

5.   Haul off machine

6.   Cutting machine

7.   The stacker

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