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The Imitated-marble Stone Plastic Profile Production Line

Brief instruction:

The imitated-marble stone plastic product has the vivid texture, the surface wear-resisting, lightness but not so smooth. Those plastic products have the features of environmentally, non-toxic, wear-resisting, waterproof and fireproofing. The compound type imitated-marble stone plastic profile has multilayer structure, contains surface layer, color layer, stone plastic layer and the basic layer, and the surface applied UV treatment.

The main materials:

PVC resin, natural stone powder, and the other non-toxic additives.

The forming mode:

Applied the conical two screws extruder, heating and extruding the product at one time. The surface of the profile applied the transfer print, with a high degree of light-fastness.

According to different demands, the surface of the product can transferred different textures, like portoro and so on. Those stone plastic profiles can widely used in various decoration engineering, the price is cheaper than the granite but results better.

The production flow:

Conical two screw extruder and single screw extruder co-extrusion- --forming with the mold---sizing---hot transfer on the surface---cutting-unloading.

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