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Plastic profile production line

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PVC Ceiling Panel Production Line

Product description:

Decoration of PVC gusset plate production lines of PVC decorative sheet, with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, through modified processing, stabilizing agent, strengthening agent and other additives, light weight, easy installation, waterproof, anti moth, pattern of design and color on the surface of the change is very much, and resistant to pollution, good cleaning, has the good performance of sound insulation, heat insulation, especially adding flame retardant materials, new technology to or from the fire, using more safe.


PVC plastic gusset plate of water resistance, scrub resistance ability is very strong. It with superior performance is widely used in industry, automobile, ship, train, building, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc.

PVC flooring angular line Production line

Technical parameter

Auxiliary machine SY120 SY240 SY240 SY240A
Maximum vacuum degree /Mpa -0.096 -0.096 -0.096 -0.096
Vacuum connection number 30 30 40 40
Finalize the design units to take off the film length effectively /mm 3000 4000 4000/5000 6000/8000
Max drawbar pullKN 20 30 40 40
Maximum traction speed /m.min-1 8 3 5 5
Track width /mm 200 240 240 240
Water consumption/m3h-1 2.5 4 5 6
Air Comsumption/3h-1 8 10 12 15
Total power/KW 24.3 27 33.5 34.7
Outline dimension /M×M×M 15100×860×1400 13500×1045×1760 16385×1465×2127
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