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Plastic Profile Mould


   Qingdao long changjie machine company design and manufacture of plastic profile extrusion lines not only give full consideration to the products section, molded plastic flow of non-Newtonian behavior and model blank die swell, traction contraction deformation and cooling extruder performance, molding compound formulations the combined effects of the problem, the key consideration the mold process feasibility and cost of the process. The mold designers design of the mold down to meet customer requirements, minimize costs, the single piece to maximize the benefits.

   Choice of material made of plastic profile extrusion die material used in addition to meet anti-corrosion, heat, wear, as well as good process ability, thermal conductivity, surface hardness, sufficient strength and rigidity. Plastic profile products in the extrusion process easy to release chemical corrosive substances, we use 3cr17, 9cr18 stainless steel, the positive combination of high-tech, as much as possible to improve the design, processing, quality control and management level, reducing not rate of qualified products and scrap, reduce the tryout, the number of repair mode, thus greatly reduce the cost of the process and the mold production costs, management costs.

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