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Plastic Pipe Mould


This type of die head system adopts the optimized design to ensure superfine and steady quality of products under low melting temperature.

1)With high output and low consumption of energy, it realizes two color extruded by

one system.

2)It is applicable to all TEO materials.

3)It also has a big scope of product dimensions fromΦ16mm to Φ800mm.

4)Not being affected by the changing of material viscidity, this mould is applicable to produce pipe products of HDPE/MDPE, LDPE, PP/PPR, PB/ABS and DMWPE

 with steady processing performance.

5)Due to low pressure in the die head system, it maintains low melting temperature

even in high quantity of extrusion.

6)Its smooth and big channel ensures full release of stress along pipe products.

7)It has short self-cleaning time when changing pigment colors.

8)It also has high mechanical performance of pipe products and long lifespan of high quality heater.

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