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Plastic seal strip production line

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Automatic Refrigeratory Door Seal Production Line

   This is one fully automatic production line, PVC modified material mixed with not more than 25% crushed material in mixer mixing---automatic dryer and feeder---extruder plasticizing---mould forming and cooling---circulating water tank cooling---air blowing water---tractor and cutter---punch machine punching holes---tractor conveyor---angle cutter for precise cutting angle 45·--- machine manipulator automatic take production--- Worker take out the finished seal coiler.

    The main production line’s features is producing automaticlly and high production efficiency.

    When making seal at same line finish punching holes, then precise cutting angle 45·and manipulator automatic take production etc so many process, the whole production line only need one or two worker operation, the whole production line control by OMRON brand PLC, each part can be control sperately by PLC, can achieve all parts automatic control in same speed.

Main technical parameters:

Production line length:26000mm

Center height of the extruder: 1050mm

Production line total power: 50kw

Production line speed: 8—20m/min

Suitable voltage: 380V 50HZ

Compressure air supply: 0.5~0.6MPA

Fully automatic wear magnetic stripe machine

1. Production line equipment lists:

Automatic wear magnetic stripe machine

Flatten stripe machine

Working table

2. Production process:

45·PVC seals---magnetic stripe put into PVC seal front end---press travel switch then wear magnetic stripe cylinder under press---magnetic stripe wear into the pvc seals quickly

3. Operation instructions:

3.1.Put the 45· PVC seal one the working table, worker take the PVC seal and magnetic stripe then put the magnetic stripe into the pvc seal, then press the travel switch at the same let the cylinder under press to let the the magnetic stripe wear into the pvc seal fully. Then repeat this action again.

3.2.The flatten stripe motor rotate slowly, when the rod connection with the travel switch not uplift,

When the magnetic stripe tension tightly, the rod uplift, then the flatten stripe motor rotate quickly.

3.3. Pressure

Air supply filter valve total pressure 0.4Mpa; Wear stripe cylinder high pressure valve pressure not more than 0.15Mpa.

4. PLC operation instruction:

4.1. PLC chinese and english language

4.2. The PVC seal than magnetic stripe length can be set by PLC.

Refrigeratory door seal double-head welding angle machine

(Each refrigeratory door seal automatic production line should match 4 sets of welding angle machines)

1.This type door seal welding machine special for door seals of refrigerators, freezers, sterilization container and so on. It adopts advanced PLC industrial automation control system to overcome the variety caused by the malfunction of old equipment due to electrical components, pneumatic systemthe SMC or FESTO pneumatic components, the electrical system adopts OMRON electrical control components, thus ensuring the stability of the program so improve the quality of the product, in the domestic field of door seal welding machine is advanced equipment.

2.There are artificial trim excess material, welding tumor process in the old machine, the old equipment by the various factors of welding and quality of personnel and the degree of fatigue, can not guarantee the welding angle quality and product quality requirements.

Magnetic stripe making machine

This whole production line include in single screw extruder, mould, water cooling tank, tractor with cutter,online actomatic cally magnetizing machine and winding machine.

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