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SJSH Series Plastic Parallel Twin-screw Extruder

  SJSH series parallel twin screw extruder can apply to sorts of special equipment for extruding of PVC powder. With different sorts of molds and auxiliary machines, it can produce all sorts of PVC plastic pipe material, profiled material, plate material, sliced material, bar material and granulation. Screw adopts inner cycle cooling, barrel adopts special air cooling. According to customer's requirements, most reasonable screw can be made so as to achieve best plasticity state and material quality.

Parallel twin screw extruder features weak cutting which is suitable for high speed extruding and large diameter pipe extruding.

1)  SJSH series of extruders with appropriate screws, dies and other auxiliaries can directly convert thermoplastic especially PVC powder  into pipes, plates, sheets, films and profiles, and also provide functions of modifying and pelleting;
2) Uses double screw working together, improves production efficiency;
3) Uses assistant moulds to produce range of products;
4) Uses automatic operating system, saves up labor force.

Product introduction:

The barrel and screw is of building block type, full intermeshing type screw is easy to clean. The screws are able to arrange according to the different plastic material, has the advantages of interchangeability, strong adaptability, good mixing, plasticization and exhaust.

The material of the screw can be 38CrMoALA, under nitridation treatment; or made of alloy bushing which is anti-wear.

The heating of barrel is by cast aluminum, cooled by water.

The motor can be DC motor, equipped with silicon controlled speed regulator or British Eurotherm 590 speed regulator; or AC motor frequency speed regulator. The temperature controller is Japan RKC brand or China famous brand.

Main technical parameter:

Model Screw Diameter (mm) Screw ratio (L/D) Screw rotation Speed (r/min) Main power (kw) Production Capacity (kg/h)
SJSH-58 57 22-48 300 37-45 100-250
SJSH-68 65 22-48 400 55-75 150-450
SJSH-75 72 22-48 400 90-110 220-800
SJSH-95 92 22-48 400 160-240 600-1000
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