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COD Pipe Production Line

     COD Compressive product is special spiral shape of traditional PE, it enhances the straight and the compressive capacity, its compressive ability is traditional pipe several times and improve the effectiveness and elasticity, earthquakes, subsidence, also can assure safety. Resistance to chemicals, durability b acid, alkali skills and water resistance is more superior in the sea and wetland laid, can be corrosion resistance, is half permanent pipeline

    The COD pipe production line was the changjie machinery independently develops the development in recent years, and in domestic took the lead the new product which promoted, had the output to be high, the craft was simple, the automaticity was high, characteristics and so on ease of operation, have filled the domestic gap, was in the domestic advanced standard. The changjie brand COD pipe production line output velocity reaches as high as 1.5m/min, each end product length may amount to 500 meters. The processing technology has surpassed the world advanced level!

      C.O.D is the Corrugated Optic Duct pipe's English abbreviation. This was in summarized formerly each kind of fiber optics, advantages in the cable guide foundation, became the new generation high performance fiber optics drive pipe by the brand-new idea development. It uses friction coefficient extremely low modified HDPE is the primary data, in the structure take the friction coefficient extremely low leng wall tube as the sub-tube, bears the high pressure, the easy curving corrugated pipe is the female tube, after compound squeezes out becomes. It bears the high pressure, but is curving, has the discrimination, the easy construction is the main feature, in the physical property, the service life, aspects and so on project construction has the superiority which other many products are unable to compare.

COD pipe production machine line features:
      Because the material nonconductive, insulation and high, is the ideal cable ducts. In addition the thermal expansion and contraction appearance rather less than traditional ductal system, and due within the same appearance, raw materials, and always maintain the same ratio.
      Because of COD tube (every 500 meters) disk volume in the pipe rack, so can reduce quite a lot of the cost of labor, the most important is, COD need not insert tube, because diversiform tube outer tube has been equipped inside.
      Because the lighter gravity (0.95:143), COD rather than light, and traditional tube for construction and transportation, very convenient.
The screw machining, COD to supple, forcibly bending can achieve 90 degrees, and even larger Angle, do not need any special tools to bend or straight. In the construction site meet obstacles can all round the town.
      Because of the spiraling tube good design and low friction coefficient, no connection, without twisting the problem of wire special convenient, also extend the distance between the hole. Tube completely hermetic, can fight high internal pressure, can use fiber gas rafa. In the same outer diameter circumstance can give more tube, increase the efficiency in the use of.

The Main Parameters of the machine:

Model Extruder type  Pipe range(mm) Output(kg/h) Total Power(kw)
SJQG-Z90×30-200 SJ90×30 Φ100-φ125 φ150φ175φ200 200 130
SJQG-65×30-100 SJ65×30 Φ40-φ50 Φ65φ80φ100 90 65
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