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High quality hardware

◆ full-color touch screen provided by Hitachi.

◆ to buy the world's most advanced electronic components, the latest AMR chip (32)

◆ Power supplied by the Ministry of Aerospace Industry of supporting plants.

◆ built-in pump selection of imported original.

◆ stainless steel chassis parts (304,316 L), consistent with IP45 protection standards.

User-friendly design

◆ full-color touch screen, Chinese and English menu conversion, comes with graphic editing functions. A key switch machine.

◆ All intelligent automatic control, self-cleaning nozzle, fault diagnosis and maintenance.

◆ fault detection and alarm function, inkless reminded display.

◆ First, location input method as easy as it is programmed SMS.

◆ printing of information can be stored 20 used with the tune.

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