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HDPE Unidirectional and Two–direction Plastic Earthwork Grid Production Line


Plastic earthwork grid production line has features of strong intensity, anti-corrosive, stable performance. The grid is made of high polymer first extruded by extruder and then drew longitudinally. The grid with high drawing strength (>150MPa) is suitable for all kinds of soil. Its all functions and indexes surpass the earthwork net which not be drew, so it is the best ideal reinforced material.


This unit has high yield and efficiency, and steady quality, it is the optimum selection that earthwork stuff and the plastic material goods companies to open up the fresh product. As the set is characterized by high output, good benefit, even quality and easy operation, so it is the best choice for earthwork material and plastic production.


The grids are extensively used in reinforcing roadbeds of expressway, municipal administration way, railroad and airplane runway, reinforcement engineering of reinforcing earth on both sides of road, railway and river; strengthening the dykes of river and sea; enclosing wall of orchard, vegetable plot, domestic animal and construction site etc.


The main machine type SJ-150×30
Total power of assistance device 160kw Specification  
Production capacity 200kw Unidirectional EG170R,130R,90R,65R,50R
Production Capacity 120-600kg/h Two direction EG2020,3030,4040
Drawing velocity 2-10m/min    

Competitive Advantage:

1. Touch-screen display and parameter setting, imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, the output strength and stability.

2. Color display touch-screen control panel.

3. All-Chinese menu, with multi-language you set, easy to use.

4. Levels of adjustable mold design, mold fast and easy adjustment.

5. The new power amplifier circuit, power is more robust, more durable transducers,

6. Frequency automatic tracking, a variety of parameter settings. High degree of automation in the domestic production of similar products in the leading position

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