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PVC Macromolecule Paint Free Boards Production Line


   Macromolecule non-painting board belongs to molecule non-painting compound material, which is one kind of new decorating material with lots of good characteristics such as environmental protection, without formaldehyde, smooth surface, beautiful appearance, elegant color, comfortable feel; non-painting, innocuity, mould proof, flame-resistant, no volatile odor, good rigidity, anti collision, sound insulation, shockproof, no shrink, no broken, good abrasion proof performance and curve molding.

   The complete machine adopt changjie sole possession of the new design, the elegant appearance, the craft operation is simple, and the air operated cutter plate is practice and late-model, the control is precise, energy conservation comminution.


    PVC board/sheet production line mainly used in producing each kind of thickness is 0.3-6mm, the width is the 500-2000mm PVC plate production line, this unit replaces the mold also to be possible the plate thickness scope: the 3-20mm width is the 2000mm following freedom foaming board. The Qingdao changjie machine Co.Ltd produces the PVC plate production line then produces the PVC high polymer through the increase online tectorial membrane installment to exempt the paint board. (PVC exempts paint board is by squeezes out plate which board and wood grain decoration membrane bonds becomes, because plate and membrane material quality is the same, passes through three rolls X-ray machine hot compress to melt in a body, like this had guaranteed plate exempts under paint condition semblance smooth, artistic, non-toxic, not to get moldy and spoil, not to distort, does not crack, but long good, may bend distorts, is one kind of new environmental protection finishing materials.) The PVC board sheet material production line may also produce single-layer and the multi-layered soft and hard PVC board (piece) the material and the PVC extra wide floor leather.


Model Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Total installed Power(kw) Wood grain side
SJSZ-65/132 1220 2400 1.2-2.3 98kw Optional
SJSZ-80/156 1220 2400 1.2-2.3 125kw. Optional

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