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PVC Corrugated Sheet Production Line


PC, PP, PVC Corrugated Board Extrusion Line Due to the excellent impact-resistance and high transparency, PC corrugated board is widely used in the roof of warehouse and simple construction, such as: ski routes, rest station kiosks in the sports hall, swimming pools, indoors sports and so on. The product has a broad market prospect.

PVC corrugated board has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, easy-to-processing and low cost. It is widely used in workshops, warehouses, greenhouse, building shelter, seashore and chemical plants, etc.


1) Construction of sunroof in building, halls, shopping centers, stadiums, public place, etc

2) Entertainment and public facilities.

3) Rain shield of bus stations, garages, pergolas, corridors.

4) Transparent shields for security forces in nursery schools, airport, factories.

5) Skylight of modern agriculture and aquacultures, indoor pools.

6) Sign board for ads, light box and exhibition services.

7) Ceilings partition walls and exhibition stands partition in office and residence.


Type SJSZ100/45-1800  SJSZ105/33-1500     SJSZ80/156-1500
Material PC     PP/PE       PVC
Product Width 1400mm 1050mm 1200mm
Product Thickness     0.6-1.5mm 0.5-3mm 0.8-3mm
Extruder 100/38-45/30            105/33 80/156
Extruder Output  250kg/h  200kg/h  300kg/h

Competitive Advantage:

A. With 13 years specializing in producing plastic machines, chemical auxiliary machine

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D. We have very good and comprehensive after-sales service

E. we have no MOQ for clients and tailor-made to clients' request

2. We can also customize to your own plastic pellets granulating production line as long as you tell us how to do by idea, then we put your ideas into real products!

3. Our price:

We never say high price, we keep only 5% profit for factory in the price, that's why clients always praise our quotation in reply. We have very low price shipping forward, can help you send the goods to your door, save you a lot of time and fees to find expensive forwarder.

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