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HDPE Drainage Sheet Production Line


This whole production line mainly make HDPE drainage board, which include extruder, mould, 3-hole rollers, bracket with cuter edge unit, haul off machine, cutter machine, and winding machine.

Waterproofing and drainage protection board has concave and convex hollow stud structure, you can quickly and efficiently export the rain, greatly reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure of the water layer, the principle of hydraulic conductivity can be achieved through such initiatives active waterproof effect

1) The machine is a new product which is developed and designed by ourselves and fills the domestic blank in the field;
2) It specially used for producing PE high strength carbon waterproof structure plate;
3) Because of its excellent physical capacity, such as light weight, high strength of resistant pressure, waterproof and damp proof, absorbing load of strike and vibration, sound insulation and so on.


This drain board mainly use in:

Landscaping works: garage roof greening, roof gardens, green roofs, soccer fields, golf courses, beach works

Municipal engineering: road embankment, subway tunnels.

Construction: building the basis of the upper or lower, basement and external wall, roof impermeable and insulating layer

Traffic engineering: highway, railway embankment, dams, and slope protection layer


Screw drive motor power(kw) 30-315
Screw diameter(mm) 45-150
Screw L/D ratio(mm) 33/1-38/1
Screw max. speed(rpm) 110
Max. production line speed(m/min) 1-10
Products width(mm) 300-5000
Products thickness(mm) 0.2-20

Competitive Advantage:

1. Strong tensile strength, high elongation rate, and strong adaptability to stretching, cracking or deformation at the base.

2. Penetration resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties.

3. Higher range of application temperature and longer service life.

4. Saving investment and environmental protection for projects.

5. Drainage protection board integrates waterproof and drainage, solve relation between waterproof and drainage successfully, and is better and more reliable than traditional grit drainage layer and other filter layers both in drainage function and economic benefit.

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