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PE/PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line


Close type corrugator and vacuum forming.
Forming module is moving in a tunnel.
Forming tunnel is clod by water.
Forming module is made of hard alloy steel and anti-corrosion and abrasion.
No any connection between forming module, then reduce time to change.
Provide dingle sand double wall corrugation pipe head die.

1.The production line is configured single screw extruder and grooved feed barrel, which ensures extruding in high efficiency.

2.Corrugated forming system with b cooling ability ensures constant production with high speed.

3.The mould surface is nitrided and polished. A wall thickness-regulating device is equipped in die lip to be suitable for production of different raw materials and ring resistance materials.

4.Advanced on line socketing function lowers the investment and increases the efficiency.

5.The line adopts SIEMENS PLC computer controlled system with touched screen man-machine interface, which guarantee automatic and reliable operator.


This line is used to produce double wall corrugated pipe with PVC or PE as materials. This kind of pipe has unique structure and many advantages such as: light mass, impact resistance, corrosion endurance, cold and heat resistance. So, this kind pipe is widely used in the fields of communication, paving of wire and cable, agricultural irrigation, water supply and drainage in cities, geographic deep irrigation and feed water in architecture, etc.


Model SBW×1500 SBW×1000 SBW×500 SBW×250 SBW×160 SBW×90
Structure Form Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Applicable Raw Materials HDPE HDPE HDPE HDPE HDPE HDPE
Pipe Diameter Range 400-1500 250-1000 160-500 90-250 75-160 40-90
Max Extrusion Output 1200 850 600 350 200 100
Expansion Mode Belling-on-line,double-wall socket joint Belling-on-line,double-wall socket joint Belling-on-line,double-wall socket joint      
Forming Speed 0.25-2.5 0.25-2.5 0.4-4 0.5-5 0.6-6 0.8-8
Axis Height 1600 1600 1150 1100 1000 1000
Number of Mold Blocks(pairs) 42 42 40 48 57 48
Total lnstalled power 820 660 385 240 150 95


Competitive Advantage:

Double wall corrugated pipe has a variaty applicaion in the world at present. In order to meet the demand of plastic market, Longchangjie company designed and developed this UPVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line by absorbing advanced technology from foreign countries plastic machinery industry. The complete line is adopted human-machine interface control system. It makes high automatical degree, stable production and great output become true. We adopt two efficiency single screw extruders with high extrusion capacity in this line. There are special designed co-extrusion moulds made by alloy steel for making huge diameter UPVC corrugated pipe. Double spiral design with excelent quality alloy steel of the moulds can meet all of the production requirements. Corrugator is adopted horizontal structure with shuttle type transmission, SEIMENS control system, airtight water cooling system and vacuumizing forming, which assured very quick cooling and high output in production process. Professionally designed and fine made auxiliary equipments make the complete line running steadily.

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